• The urge to create has always been my driving passion.

    I didnʼt know where this feeling would take me, but it was always in my heart.

    My father once said to me, "Son, maybe you need to learn to work with your hands." Boy, was he right! I found TV production as my creative outlet for almost 50 years, working with props, stage managing, working camera, audio, lighting and then as a director/producer. All the time doing my art work in pencil, oil, acrylic, watercolor, wood carving, stone, clay sculpture, furniture, building video and photography.

    Now that Iʼm retired from NBC television, Iʼm totally into my art. My mind goes 24/7 thinking about my current and future projects - some large, some small, in all mediums. It just runs thru my veins and I love it! I love learning and shaping my passion and watching where it takes me next.

    Telling stories and showing emotions, through my art, makes me happy!